8 year

8 Year Aged Balsamic


Ancient Condiment from Reggio Emilia Tradition Red Label “8”
Because of it’s soft mellow flavor,
Terra de Tuono’s Ancient Condiment Red Label “8” is wonderful,
fresh out of the bottle its virgin state.
With it’s rich, lingering bouquet and slightly tart aftertaste,
it leaves the palette clean and refreshed.
Color: deep golden black
Aroma: intense, pleasurable, mellow bouquet,
Flavor: full-bodied, balanced and muted. Clean, fine, elegant taste.
No food coloring, no thickening agents, no caramels, no preservative are added.
A family Estate’s Specialty.

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Our Classic Condiment Red Label “8” is perfect for first courses, souffles, and delicate rice dishes. It can be used alone to induce a light cooking effect. Excellent in mayonnaise and sauce for boiled meats or fish, and vegetable omelettes. It combines perfectly with summer appetizers and grilled white meats.


Density: about 1.32

Ageing: Ancient and traditional way, in little barrels of precious different woods.


Slow cooked must and acidified must from Italian Grapes, aged for long time in aromatic wood barrels made of oak, chestnut, cherry, mulberry and juniper. A 100% all natural premium product.

 The best Balsamic in Buffalo