Cocktail Sea Salts


Rimming sea salts for cocktails & Margaritas.
Processed & packaged in the USA.
Weight: 4oz

Cocktails Sea Salts
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How to Rim a Cocktail Glass

Pour several tablespoons of cocktail salt into a flat, bread plate and gently shake to spread evenly. Pour a small amount water or liquor onto another flat bread plate, turn the glass upside down and gently dip into liquid.  Then dip the dampened rim into the salt. Slowly rotate the glass until the rim is well coated.

If the drink calls for a lemon or lime, place the juicy part on the rim of the glass. Slide the fruit around the rim to moisten it instead of using the water method. Then dip in the cocktail salt as above.

Carefully pour your drink into the colorfully rimmed glass and enjoy!