cyprus mushroom

Cyprus Wild Mushroom


Finishing Sea Salt, Large Flake
Finishing, Table & Cooking – Sea Salt, All Natural

Experience the vibrant taste and aroma of Falksalt Wild Mushroom
Crystal Flakes. Delicately accent your steak, roasted vegetables,
or baked potato with a sprinkle of Wild Mushroom.
Dust Wild Mushroom over creamed mashed
potatoes for subtle undertones of Karl-Johann Mushrooms.

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About The Salt:
This is a unique and versatile product which is 100% natural,
with all natural flavoring. The production process can take up
to two years, in order to achieve the perfect balance of weather
and temperature to create the right texture and flavor.

On the Island of Cyprus, Sea salt flakes are made in the traditional
manner, through the evaporation of seawater.
The sea water is channeled through a series of ponds or into shallow lagoons called salins.

The water is then fed into large pans where it is slowly heated until delicate pyramid crystals form.

The process repeats until the sea salt reaches 3% humidity.
This process is also environmentally friendly, fueled mostly by solar power.