Floral Clay Tagine

From: $49.99

Hand painted in North Africa, this Floral Tagine can be used to
cook and serve traditional Tunisian, and Moroccan tagines,
as well as couscous and rice dishes,
Chicken, Meat… The cone-shaped cover funnels
condensation directly back to the food for moist, tender results.
The traditional Tunisian pattern is painted by hand using
food-safe paints and glazes.
Hand-thrown clay retains heat well for serving
directly at the table.

Tagine Size
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-Safe for use on gas and electric cooktops and outdoor grills;
-For stovetops use a diffuser.
-Oven safe to 350º F.
-Always warm the base up slowly over a low flame.
-Always use moderate temperature and do not subject
to sudden hot and cold temperature changes.

With use small cracks will occur, this is normal
and will not affect performance.

Size:  available in 10½” and 12″

Hand made in Tunisia.