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Chili pepper Fused EVOO

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Chili pepper Fused Extra Virgin Olive Oil
This olive oil is obtained by pressing together high quality,
hand harvested cold pressed, Mild extra virgin olive oils
and Chili peppers

Most popular in Tunisia the chili pepper is used as paste
(Harissa for dipping and cooking) or added
to the olive oil to give it a spicy nice taste.
No Additives, No Preservatives.


This is a mild extra virgin olive oil; it has a small bite at the end.



Our Fused Chili Pepper Extra Virgin Olive Oil is amazing for marinating shrimp, added to Couscous, Rice, stews and soups.


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8.45oz (250ml) -$12.99



Size 3.38oz (100mL), 8.5oz (250mL), 17oz (500mL)