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Mild EVOO Fused with Garlic

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Mild Extra Virgin Olive Fused with Garlic
This amazing Fused extra virgin olive oil
is obtained from pressing garlic with high quality extra virgin olive oil.
Hand-harvested and cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.
Our olive oils are imported directly from small producers
in Tunisia.

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Mild Extra Virgin Olive Fused with Garlic


Garlic and olive oil are almost used together in every Mediterranean dish. Garlic olive oil can be used almost in everything. Great to mix in with Pasta, mashed potatoes, Fish, Chicken, steaks, before grilling or just to dip bread into.

Available sizes and price:

3.38oz (100ml)–$5.99

8.45oz (250ml) -$12.99

Size 3.38oz (100mL), 8.5oz (250mL)