mustard & Balsamic

Mustard & Balsamic Sauce


The recipe of the new Mustard & Balsamic vinegar
of Modena Sauce was inspired by the original
and most ancient tradition, the spicy flavor is
however mitigated by mixing with the sweet notes of
Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. The caloric content is very low
,while the rich and soft taste makes this Specialty
as an invaluable contribution to all the meat, roasted, boiled or grilled.
Color: brown with shades of dark yellow, bright.
Aroma: the aroma of mustard is well recognized and intense.
Flavor: savory is soft, pleasantly spicy, with flavors of candied fruit.
Density: creamy, slightly stringy, shiny, with grains of mustard.

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The preparation of this specialty is complex and is achieved by preparing a cold process, using only pure and natural ingredients. The base is formed by a delicious Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, a blend of cooked musts of selected grapes and better wine vinegar, which is then mixed with the mustard sauce made with mustard seeds powder in the ground and some left whole seeds, so it’s to assume a granular texture and a more “rustic” ancient texture, the final result is a smooth and creamy sauce, but with a strong flavor and a spicy note. In the recipe we add many rare spices too, so the flavor is so unique and new. As the only thickener agent we use the natural rubber of xantamo, added in processing in a minimum percentage, nothing else. We do not use starches, caramels, coloring agents or sugars, but only excellent ingredients and all the experience of our centuries old tradition. It’s always advisable to use the sauce as a cold condiment. Excellent on all grilled or roasted meat, game and poultry, is also used for fish and crustaceans. It ‘s a delicacy on the French fries and battered vegetables, as well as on hamburgers, chops and hot dogs. It enhances the flavor of the sandwiches and is a great accompaniment to acid cheese platters. It‘s delicious as a base for marinating meats.


Ingredients: Condiment (cooked grape must, wine vinegar), mustard 10%, spices, xanthan gum. Contains sulfites. Contains mustard.