Pomegranate White Balsamic


Pomegranate Juice and White Balsamic
The best premium quality Pomegranate Juice meets
our White Condiment, giving life to this delightful, fruity,
bittersweet Italian elixir. Perfect for red meat, roasts and game,
it is delightful also on white meat, such as chicken and turkey.
This great bittersweet condiment is the perfect solution to
guarnish fruits and desserts. Moreover,
its natural fruity taste is really interesting
on grilled fish and vegetables. It is also the perfect seasoning
for aged cheeses, opposing its natural sweetness to
their sharp and strong taste.

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Color: Natural color of Pomegranate, with ruby-red shades.
Aroma: It is possible to taste the natural and fruity fragrance of Pomegranate, with notes of sweet and sour of our White Condiment
Flavor: Persistent on the palate, naturally sweet, taste of Pomegranate. 
Density: about 1.22
Ageing: Shortly aged
Ingredients: Concentrated must of white grapes, white wine vinegar, Pomegranate juice (10%), flavour of Pomegranate. Contains sulfites