White Balsamic Vinegar


White Seasoning
The White is a Premium Bittersweet White Condiment; it is the result of the slow aging of white grape concentrates blended with premium mature white wine vinegar.
Our White Condiments has a warm limpid amber hue and a sweet, tart citrusy flavor that delights the palate.
With its tart aroma and transparent quality, the White makes the seasoning of choice when the desire to preserve the colors of the main dish is paramount.
It’s a perfect companion to fresh salads and vegetables.

Use: Excellent on fresh seafood, shellfish, and white meat.
Ingredients: Concentrated must from Italian White Grapes, white wine vinegar, aged shortly in wood barrels of white oak.
This is a 100% all-natural premium product.
No food colorings, no thickening agents, no caramels, no preservative are add

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limpid and transparent with an amber hue.
Aroma: full flavored, intense and long lasting with a hint of white grapes.
Flavour: dry, lively yet balanced with a memorable sweet grape aftertaste.
Density: about 1.150
Ageing: shortly aged, in wood barrels of precious white oak