Please do not mistake the tapenade for olive puree which is too often sold under the name of tapenade. The tapenade includes capers which have given their name to this preparation. As always, when it comes to traditional recipes, the same basic ingredients are used, but there are 1,001 ways to prepare them. Sample our recipe and adapt the quantity of each ingredient to your own taste.

• 250 grams of black olive
• 15 centiliters of olive oil
• 60 grams of capers
• 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
• 50 grams of filets of anchovies
• ground pepper
• 1 clove of garlic

Pit the olives.
Pound them in a mortar with the capers, the filets of anchovies and the garlic.
Reduce the mixture to a puree in a mixer.
Whip up this mixture like a mayonnaise by adding the olive oil very slowly in order to obtain a smooth and thick paste.
Add the lemon juice and the pepper.

Enjoy on toast or garlic bread with a mixed salad or fish. You can also stuff hard boiled eggs with tapenade.

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