USDAall 250ml

Mild Organic EVOO


Mild, Organic extra virgin olive oil with a
natural fruity taste
Enjoy the taste of a hand-harvested and
cold-pressed Organic Chemlali* extra virgin olive oil
that only high quality Tunisian olives provide.
The best olive oil to choose for cooking, salad,
dipping and more.


Mild with natural fruity taste.


Our Organic extra virgin olive oil is USDAapproved,

100% guarantee that it is produced without pesticides. *

Chemlali is the most common cultivar in the central and

southern regions of Tunisia.

It is resistant to drought and very cold hardy it’s a self-fertile tree.

The olive is medium sized, round, has a fruity flavor,

and is used almost exclusively

for oil production.
Available sizes:

3.38oz (100ml)$5.99

8.45oz (250ml) $12.99

17oz (500ml)$19.99




Size 3.38oz (100mL), 8.5oz (250mL), 17oz (500mL)